Saturday, January 26, 2013

Award-worthy Dustin!

Proud Mom! Dustin Finney Memorial facebook friends have already been notified that Dustin was so respected and liked that his memory is being commemorated by the Northwest Free-Thought Alliance. They now have the Dustin Finney Memorial Award, an award of $500 toward books to upper level and graduate Environmental Science students. 2013 is the first year for this and I’ve been told that rather than increase the amount of the award, the goal in future years is to increase the number of recipients. 

I feel very honored and proud to be invited to the conference being held in Portland in April where the first award will be presented. My understanding is that I will even be able to address the audience and share a little about Dustin. That is awesome. I love to talk about Dustin! 

Dustin and his brother Logan attended the conference in 2011 and had a great time. I remember Dustin being very excited because of the people he met and how he felt that he was starting to really become involved in what he cared about. Below is a blog one of the attendees wrote about his meeting with Dustin and how he felt upon hearing of his death.

…If only Dustin could know how loved and cared about he was/is…

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